About armeN

Armen Sarvari is a Los Angeles based artist with more than just one creative hat. Stories that concern human condition with social and political undertones are his favorite themes and both his earlier works and future projects revolve around similar subjects.

Armen immigrated to Los Angeles in 2009 from Iran, continued education soon after and graduated from UCLA School of Film and Television with concentration on Feature Film Directing with his thesis project “The Voice Recorder” voted as best narrative short in UCLA film festival in 2014. 


In 2016 Armen traveled to Cuba to work with prominent Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami which promoted his language of filmmaking into a different wavelength helping him to develop a more diverse worldview and unconventional styles in storytelling.


In his return Armen created a bilingual live show called “Yes, Adam Noorian”, which became a huge community hit thanks to its innovative techniques and bold statements, establishing him as an aspiring talent in the cultural platforms of Armenian and Iranian communities of Los Angeles.


Between all of the above somehow Armen and his wife managed to have two kids, who although unconsciously slowed down his creative process, but beside becoming a new source of inspiration, they also made him rethink significant topics such as parenting, education, cyber-security, women rights and global pollution in a different light, triggering a major shift in his future projects.