February 26, 2013

Tropical Malady vs A Time For Drunken Horses – A Brief Comparison

The huge diversities inside many Asian nations have made it difficult for indigenous films to find a firm ground within majority of cinemagoers of a country. […]
March 25, 2013

Persepolis – Finally An Animation to Identify with

Whenever watching a Hollywood mainstream film, I always wonder how does the American audience feels following a storyline similar to their own lives. It’s an envious […]
May 25, 2013

Soiree in Hell – The Untold Story of My Grandfather.

What is the Soiree in Hell? AKA “Shab Neshini Dar Jahanam” Soiree in Hell is an Iranian comedy thriller movie directed by my grandfather Mushegh Sarvari  which competed side […]
February 8, 2014

A Touch Of Sin – Where is China headed?

Jia Zheng-ke’s recent movie; “A Touch Of Sin” could be considered the third segment of his modern China’s social critique in the series that came to notice […]