Honorable mention for “Doos’et Da’ram”



“Doos’et Da’ram” which is the Farsi for “I love you” took part in the 6th 3C Student film festival and was bestowed a diploma that says “Honorable Mention” which basically means you’re good enough to be selected for the festival but not good enough to win a title. To reiterate my favorite quote; “Art is subjective, winning is meaningless in an art competition unlike a sport event.” I think I sort of develop this quote every time I write it. Hopefully by the time I got a honorable mention in the Cannes I’ll be able to perfect this quote.

Anyways “Doos’et Daram” was my PCC Photo 27B final project and this time my friend Emin Melekian was playing the lead role. He’s a talented guy for sure but going back to my professor’s note this was a bad casting since the subject should not look like a Farsi speaker. I enjoyed recreating everything in Farsi but itsure looks crappy in the film. Overall the entire idea of turning a towns whole written content including signs, billboards, electronic pages and etc is an ambitious goal and it was way above my budget to have a special effect designer to addthings in the post so I ended up getting rid of a lot of signs that could def convey more into the story.

I like the story, but if I ever had time I would make this again with more signs out there in the street and a better sound mixing tools. I might even have Emin dye his hair blond just to convince my professor.

Did you know up until recently asking to share biographical information was some of kind of an invasion of privacy? Who changed that norm and why?

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