“The Voice Recorder” is voted best short

After a full day of screening our works I am glad to announce that my directed short film “The Voice Recorder” is selected as the best narrative short film and will take part in the opening night of the UCLA film festival. This is the final thesis film for my directing class FTV170 conducted by professor Mia Trachinger and is the result of six months of preproduction, production and post. It is produced by my two good friends Lizet Lopez and Havier Mendoza and will hopefully be getting into festival circles starting this coming September. My lead lady Vaneh Assadurian who I’m so proud of her work gave so much more t this project and I loved, loved, loved everything that she added to the main character called Sayeh. Beside Vaneh I had the pleasure of working with a group of talented actors including Marcia Walters, David Stewart, Robert Hernandez and Juan Kanubi who all added so much to this project and made it find its way into UCLA festival’s opening night screening.


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