Working title “Fidel y Che” Status: In the post

My work in progress participatory documentary with a working title of “Fidel y Che” is still in the editing phase. The doc is revolving around myself trying to communicate with two Cubans as they drive me across the country to show me a list of places I asked them to go. What makes the doc interesting from the beginning (Or at least that’s what I was told by some early viewers) is the language barriers that doesn’t allow a decent mutual conversation, a cool old red car, constantly being lost and found in the process of the trip and the genuine settings of Cuba of course. Stay tuned for this film as according to master himself (Kiarostami) “I like the form of this film. You were able to create a very unique atmosphere incorporating yourself in the context of an every day life in Cuba with a bunch of cameras and that by itself works great here” (Give me one good reason not to be in the seventh heaven when he was telling me these!)  (To be continued)



Did you know up until recently asking to share biographical information was some of kind of an invasion of privacy? Who changed that norm and why?

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  1. Pablo says:

    Can’t wait for the final product. Will you be aiming to have it screened it at a specific festival or will it be released on VOD?

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