They call me Dad So I have to do a lot to deserve it.


Thoughts On Parenting

Why creativity and parenting
are heavily interconnected?

For four generations my family has been involved with education and culture. My Father's paternal grandmother Margaret Sarvarian was a celebrated child development pioneer who established the first modern kindergarten in Iran. As a result my entire family of artists and educators used their creativity to elavate children. For generations we either have been on the educational side or have made creative content to aid the learning process.

Today I use the same teaching ideas and play solutions to engage my children in their daily activities. I notice many parents relying on smartphones and television as ways to fill their children's time and I work to find some ways to make them understand the difference.

Your Time Is The Most Valuable Thing That You Can Give to Your Child.

Trust me! I know how it is. There's so much work and there's so little time, so by the time you get home, there's no energy left to be engaged with your child, but every meaningful second spent with your child (And no! Watching TV and going shopping is not meaningful if that's the only thing that you do!) is going to impact their psyche so spend time with them and make everything else secondary.

Internet offers great tools to elevate our children, but so do quality friends, good books and mother nature...

I spend every day of my life looking for interesting things that can help me elevate my kids. I go back to my childhood and remember what kept me up all night. The market is not necessarily as much favoring you as it does itself so you need to understand that not everything offered to you is useful and harmless. You Tube might have been thought as a great resource, but have you tried camping in nature? Have you seen their energy when they catch up with their friends? Do you read them books?


1. Nature 2. Books 3. Friends

What can I help you with?

I can share my experience about the kind of Content that is good for them and to educate other parents about the impact of media, that I spent exessive time reading. Like any parent I care about what my children eat and goes into their body, but I care even more about what goes inside their mind, when they watch/listen to something. So just like you checking the ingridients of a drink that you are about to pour for them, I do consider checking the ingridients of the content that they're about to be exposed to.

I also make content for children and about children. Some of this content is published online, some are print materials and some are made by children themselves, so hang around and get in touch with me if you're also a concerned parent.

Enough lecturing! The kids are waiting!

Check out some of the content That we have produced recently!

We are big time Tintin fans!

We also care a lot about learning and practicing Armenian language. Unfortunetly not all Tintin stories are translated into Armenian...

So we decided to pick one of our favorite stories in English and translate it into Armenian with all the details. If you are interested to buy some of the already translated versions go get'em before its sold out!

Thinking about an easy Armenian verse for your little one?

My grandfather Mushegh wrote tens of awesome poetry for kids, every once in a while we get one out of his notebook and revise it together.

And it doesn't stop there! We also generate a corresponding illustration, which allows the kids to practice drawing and painting in a digital enviroment in an original way.

Are you a creative parent too?Do you feel like collaborating?

Lets connect and talk about ideas! Shoot me an email!