25 Reasons To Be Content About Adam Noorian

As the post show depression kicks in I find reasons to be idealistic!

Our inaugural show “Yes Adam Noorian – Ես Ադամ Նուրեան” finally came to its end and despite a mellow post-show depression a pleasant smile is covering our face (Or at least that’s what we imagine.) thinking of our achievement, the thoughts and ideas, that we stimulated in the community, the wonderful feedback that we received from our audience and all those crazy moments of creativity.

A content Zovik Seferian in a scene from Yes Adam Noorian.

Here are 25 reasons that we feel good about our work. Feel free to add more or disagree with us in the comments area.

1. We proved to our selves and to our community that quality work can be done and should be expected from an Armenian production.
2. Our promotional videos crossed 10’000 views and made Karapents’ name relevant again among thousands.
3. We became a wonderful team made from helping individuals who at the end of the show were simply a loving family.
4. We told the story of a generation that never before was registered or documented elsewhere and now it is an important part of our modern history.
5. We succeeded in bestowing Karapents’ enigmatic prose to over 700 audience, many of them youngsters, who otherwise would have never heard it, all thanks to the visual and modern elements that made the experience entertaining.
6. We succeeded in bringing together various cultures and dialects of the Armenian diaspora, as a result engaging different layers of our community.
7. We produced the first bilingual theater in Armenian and English in Los Angeles (Update! We were later told this isn’t true, but we were never given more info on what was the first.)
8. We made interest in many people to go to theater again selling out all our shows including the additional one. Now we know people would go to theater if they are offered something worthwhile.
9. For over a year we spent more time creating content of our own culture than to consume content of other cultures. We find this a great achievement.
10. We convinced our audience to stay away from distraction, news updates, phone calls and texts and to concentrate on one subject in a dark room for almost three hours. Even Hollywood can’t make that risk these days!
11. We reminded to Los Angeles community that Persian/Armenians do have a rich culture and magnificent literature and that the superficial content out there in the market should not be the only representation of this ethnic group.
12. We created videos, animations, games, sound effects, songs, ads and music to enrich this story and we enjoyed every bit of this creative process.
13. We brought in acting talents who weren’t practicing for years and we introduced new talents to our community. These are called cultural assets.
14. We proved that not only comedies, but an intellect demanding heavy concept with minimum action and mostly spoken lines can still be made entertaining enough to generate income and not to rely on donations and funding to survive.
15. We proved that limited budget can’t stop people from being creative.
16. We realized that in a team work every single person counts regardless of their talent or taste but just as long as they do what they are good at.
17. We proved that spending money on ads is not as important as being creative and having a good marketing strategy.
18. As a “High Gadfly” production, we sought to stimulate “thinking” with every single line in our Play and we got so many positive feedbacks with that respect from random audience.
19. We brought awareness to the fact that Armenian culture can’t survive without the Armenian language.
20. As artists we find our duty to voice our opinion and to revolt against the Status que in our society. We believe that our work targeted fake values and attacked the normalized superficiality in our community.
21. We proved that opening a show at this scale is still possible without selling agendas for the system or marketing products as long as you are creative and your team is behind you.
22. We introduced our rich literature to other races and nationalities who either took part in this project as cast or crew or came to see the show during the run.
23. We came up with the idea to use a front screen to recreate the multi-layered world of Adam Noorian and while this sounded like a crazy idea in the beginning at the end this risk paid off and became a winner.
24. We think that our work has Hakop Karapents’ favorite idea “The Protest Literature” in its essence, which is a concept that we truly believe in.
25. We realized that we have a smart audience with enough intellect to follows and appreciates many details of our story meticulously and that made us to be motivated in challenging them even more in our next project.