Jour-Fixe with the Teacher

I am organizing an event where my uncle can meet his students once again

For over twenty years Leonid Sarvarian not only taught his students the Armenian language, but also nourished their souls with grand literature, classical music, high art and culture. When the Islamic revolution took place in Iran and he was prohibited from this practice, he moved the resistance into his own house by initiating monthly meetings with students, fellow writers and intellectual friends, which he so-called Jour-Fixe. (The French word for events that happen on a fixed day every month.)
Two decades later and after several years of being bed-bound in a Glendale nursing home, what he still most of all talks about are his students. As a result, his family is organizing another Jour-Fixe so his old students, disciples and friends can come together and share their memories, recite some of his poetry, play few of his favorite music and celebrate his original initiative.
Join Leonid Sarvarian’s Jour-Fixe for a modest reception and quality time and meet the teacher who dedicated his life to inspiring his students to most of all, becoming better humans.