Stop The Azeri War Crimes

I am fusing daily work with news as a medium to demand #FreeArmenianPOWs & condemn #AzeriWarCrimes

It’s a surreal state, living and working in Los Angeles and watching your homeland plunged into a devastating war with disastrous outcomes. There is an inconceivable level of disparity between the brutal reality of life of those, who are the most affected by this war with the rest of us following the events on the internet. My days are spent watching horrific videos of war crimes on one computer screen while I create marketing content on the other, as a result I fuse my experience in this video to raise awareness for the #azeriwarcrimes. What is happening out there right now is sheer ferity in the absence of order, and the worst part is that not many even know about it. Every day new videos of war crimes resurface on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram where Armenian civilians or war prisoners are brutally tortured, murdered or dismembered while the west and her media for the most part, is unable to intervene or grasp the situation, simply pushing the narrative of “Peaceful Coexistence” as a solution. But how can you coexist with barbarism? How can one hope for peace, when a nation glorifies savagery as heroism? When a nation’s president gives medal of honor to those who axe their roommate in sleep? When people clap and cheer as they behead defenseless prisoners? When they attack their own intellectuals for condemning terror? Whatever is wrong with these people is not limited to a few psychopaths in their army, but the entire literature and culture is fueled with hatred and animosity, a result of years of indoctrination and propaganda. What can media, art or sports change when an entire nation is conditioned to hate and destroy another? Please if you read to this point, then take a moment to condemn the torture of Armenian people by Azerbaijan in any way that fits you. The least is to ask the Human Right organizations to address these cases by corresponding hashtags. I understand that remaining neutral, up to a certain level, is the choice of many people, but to stay silent in the face of atrocities of this nature is just a matter of morals.