Unveiling “Yes, Adam Noorian”

My next project is a multimedia live Show! Read on!

“Yes, Adam Noorian” is a bilingual play in Armenian and English, based on the novel “The book of Adam” by renown Armenian Author Hagop Karapents, which I read several years ago and I now plan to stage it here in Los Angeles.

The story is set in the present day Los Angeles, Adam Noorian, an Armenian-Iranian immigrant and an American screenplay writer and filmmaker, still overwhelmed by a recent divorce from his Armenian wife Melineh and in the midst of an affair with his American lover Zelda, is struggling to overcome his midlife crisis while trying to finish a screenplay, at the same time dealing with his past and present issues of not belonging, which involves tentative visits of his alter ego Giragos.

Our effort to produce this play was to introduce the depth, complexity and at the same time relevance of Karapents’ work for our community in Los Angeles. Our goal is to address social realities of Armenian Diaspora in LA and address some cultural common dilemmas such as Identity, preservation of tradition and culture, homeland and also some universal concepts such as Love, death, family and divorce.

The show will be performed from January 27th to February 3rd in Los Angeles at the Atwater Village Theater. Below is our first video ad to be released on Social Media.