Collaboration with FCN

I travelled to Armenia in Spring to make series of films that aims to bring exposure to the humanitarian crisis in the area after the war. Here are some photos that I took during my trip.

A kindergarten student in Artashat on his first day of school reopening
A mother and her three children in a refugee camp in Dilijan, Tavush region.
A little girl from Kashatagh finds a new home in Aghavnavank Village, Dilijan.
A displaced family from Hadrut is sharing a moment with their FCN contact.
A displaced family is decorating their new home and preparing to host their benefactors. Tavush region.
Children in a Ararat provenance kindergarten are celebrating their new beds.
Women busy preparing lunch in a refugee camp kitchen in Dilijan
A displaced family in Aghavnavank village. Tavush.
A child looks on during the school reopening season in Artashat.