You see the world extremely different from others When you are born an Armenian!

Words like Injustice and Protest become a part of your DNA!

Protest As The Main Theme

Why do I stress on the notion of protest to such a degree? Because the main theme of my own works are based on protest. In all my narrative works you can see this anger, anger against the injustices in life, anger against oppression, anger against tyranny. In my opinion the defining line of every true artist’s work, regardless of their race and ethnicity, lies in the notion of protest. This fact can be observed in French literature, English literature and works of all the other writers. If a writer lacks that notion of protest, if he or she lacks that anger…Then their words aren’t acute…And they aren’t fully sincere…

That’s how I perceive literature, art and life in general. As a result, I not only fight for my rights as an Armenian individual or just an individual, but for the rights of any individual who is being deprived of those rights.

To Protest To Resist

Chanelling the pain from distance During the Artsakh war...


Awarness Videos

Realizing the fast outreach of Instagram and Tiktok stories in a vertical AR, I began to create awarness videos to spread the word out in the early days of the war.

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Call to Action Videos

The scope of the war was beyond our understanding within the first few days, as a result I decided to contextulize what exactly is taking place by making call to action videos with hopes of engaging more people.

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Reports and Updates

To help spreading the word I also produced news updates and daily reports from protests occuring across the greater Los Angeles area by not only providing visual coverage, but also conducting interviews with the participants.



More Awarness

The end of the war marked a new struggle to save the lives of the Armenian prisoners of the war. Atrocious incidents of beheading armless civilians and servicmen and the silence of the mainstream media made me do anything within reach to bring awarness to an urgent cause.

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Social Critic

While the bodies of the deceased were still missing and POW's were being killed defenslessly, a huge chunk of the online community was busy launching Live videos attacking the other side. I made the short video "Lives" in response to what I disdainfully was withnessing on Social Media.

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More Awarness Content

In the midst of everything going downside for Armenia, UNESCO's pro Azerbaijani stand irrespective of the clear violations of human rights both during and after the war led to creation of awarness content for social media platforms.

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The Faces of Protest That I can't get enough of...