Don't Give Up! Was the last thing that my dad told me.

But he had already thought that to me With the way that he had lived his life...

An original man who never sought approval for being original!

He didn't live his life by conventional wisdom which essentially is the art of following the herd. He questioned the knowledge he received from tradition long before asking those questions were cool. He avoided rotting his life as a corporate slave within an office day in and day out. He wasn't easily manipulated by corporate advertisements and political propaganda. All the while knowing that going against the tide wasn't espoused to be easy!

And he knew this kind of life will not necessarily lead to happiness, but he was concerned with a good life. This is not to say that a good life does not involve happiness but rather happiness is a part of a good life and not the entire thing. And by constant self-examination he aspired to lead a good and rational and meaningful life.

Like Father Like Son

Kay and George The Story Of A Friendship


For years I would make content, hoping to gain his praise. He was not easily satisfied and there was always something missing, which he would quickly mention when reviewing my work. He was my most fierce critic, but that made me push the limits to prove myself. When finally it was time to see the complicated and challenging "Yes, Adam Noorian" his big smile at the end of the show was the best payoff that I got!

In everything I create There is a piece of him somewhere.