Our Show is Sold Out!

We clearly have underestimated the Armenian community in LA!

I feel both thrilled and mad to announce, that the show that my team and I worked so hard for over a year is now sold out! Thrilled because who wouldn’t want their work to be seen and tickets to sell and mad because we didn’t anticipate this and as a result the project will wrap while there were many who never got the chance to actually come and watch this experience.

How we underestimated our audience is another topic and why we ended up not extending the show requires a long discussion, but I personally lacked the time and experience to be concerned about this one thing, since there were too much other tasks to take care.

I think our marketing was heavily instrumental in the promotion of our show and sell of the ticket. Some of the promotional videos that we made for Facebook reached over 10K views during the first week and our other marketing content was way ahead of its time for many.

In addition Ararat Homentemen organized two major opportunities to be interviewed on Horizon TV, which helped us to reach the kind of audience, that we were missing on Social Media. All in all it was a thrilling process monitoring the ticket sale online and see all seats getting filled even after adding an extra night on a weekday.

I feel humbled and thankful to all those people who came and showed interest to see our work and I have nothing but gratitude to my team and helpers who made this possible.

Below you can see some of the marketing material that we produced to bring “Yes Adam Noorian” into exposure.

Our Facebook Page content engaged many users.