“The Day After” is out!

Our April 25 awarness video is now on Facebook Videos!

I’m happy to announce that after several sleepless nights and heavy work our tribute to Armenian nation is finally out and is now being shared between Facebook Armenians with a pretty fast pace!

Made of four main segments, this project is my first attempt to combine poetry with motion graphics as I used premade content to recrate a newer content. The first segment is a combination of Films about the genocide of the Armenian people in 1915, the second segment is series of After Effects motion graphics that display well known Armenians in a backdrop of their respective fields. The third segments consists of videos that we shot during the April 24 protests in Los Angeles between years 2012 to 2015. The fourth and final segments is a series of photographs of the children that I took of the children present at the protest walks who together represent our tomorrow.

The video has so far garnered around 15K views on Facebook and we hope that it will deliver its important message that we as makers had in mind, which is that remembering the past is not only about mourning of our lost ones, but about the life that we fought so hard to earn and flourish.

I have to most of all thank my friend and collaborator Sevan Aslanian for his dedication to this cause, and to this project as the video would not move an inch forward hasn’t it been for his long nights of detail oriented editing.