“The Voice Recorder” at Cannes Short Film Corner

As surreal as it sounds we are at Cannes and my short film “The Voice Recorder” is one of the short films of the Cannes Court Metrage which stands for Short film corner!

Court Metrage is basically a non competition segment of the festival, but it gives us an opportunity to have our film screened on a smaller screen for selected enthusiasts and film buyers. In addition this opportunity gets me a badge to walk through the two weeks festival and go see the films in the festival. I will try updating more news about this experience as soon as I get my foot in the French Riviera.

David Stewart in a scene from The Voice Recorder (2014)


I recently came across a blog that clarified in details what Cannes Court Metrage really is and I think the author did a great job of defining the meaning as hundreds of people fall for the same thing each year, so I definitely recommend you to read this blog if you plan to submit your film or sponsor someone to go there.

Here’s a little info about the Short Film Corner for anyone who considers submitting their film or travelling for the ocassion:

What is the Cannes Short Film Corner?

It’s easier to start with what it is not.

The Short Film Corner is not a film festival and is not the same as being accepted into competition at the Festival de Cannes (the Cannes Film Festival). As the Short Film Corner’s website itself will tell you, “Registration of your film with the Short Film Corner is different from a submission to the Festival de Cannes Official Short Film Competition” (ref) and that is where it starts to go wrong for many first time filmmakers, and those generous souls who want to support them by paying for transport, accommodation, suits, media coverage, and anything else you can think of.

The Cannes Short Film Corner is a film market, originally conceived as a way to help aspiring filmmakers to get access to the festival proper.

It is not a film festival.

Acceptance is not based on artistic merit.

Here is a link to the entire article: https://yourenotincannesanymore.wordpress.com/