An Ode to Accordion, Campfire and Other Memories

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An Ode to Accordion, Campfire and Other Memories


Arick Gevorgian plays his accordion during a camping night in Tecuya.

What happens when you plan to shoot an exclusive documentary about your decade long family camping memories, but somehow end up shivering with high temperature in the ER of a hospital instead? Well as a storyteller you have to make something with whatever material you have, because, one, you can’t go back in time to fix this and two, in this day and age, you can’t be sure there might even be another camping next year!

So here is my very condensed story about the significance of these family camp experiences in our lives and more importantly the lives of our children. I shot 7 aerial shots and one handheld video of Shavo playing accordion before my health started deteriorating, so to fill the gaps I ended up paraphrasing my favorite lines about memory from Proust’s “In Search of a Lost Time”, used photos and videos from the previous years and fused all this into one not so very cohesive video that you are about to watch. I know it fails to represent any serious artistic or conceptual value, but this is all I’ve got and I prefer to make something out of it rather than storing these files in a random hard drive like so many other videos that never again have seen the face of light!

Hope it will speak to some of you out there…